With more than 25 years of Law Enforcement experience and over 10 years Digital Investigation work, Lighthouse Forensics provides cell phone forensics, computer forensics, electronic discovery, data recovery and extraction. This information can be used to prove a husband or wife is cheating, track what your teen is doing, or proving that an employee is stealing from the company.

We serve individuals, law firms, businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies. Let us discover the truth today that will give you closure tomorrow.

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Mobile Devices

We are experts at recovering data from smart & mobile phones, tablets and other personal digital devices.


Lighthouse Forensics has been on the front lines of computer forensic analysis and litigation support for over a decade.

Personal Computers

Our computer forensics services have the ability to help reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user.

Give us a call toll free at (912) 658-2807 and speak with one of our expert examiners about the media to be examined, and the types of files you're looking to recover.

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