Mobile devices are more popular with our children than ever before. Let us show you who they've been talking to or texting, what apps they are using and their internet history. In todays world we can't be too careful with the ones that are so precious to us.

Loved ones

Who have they been texting, calling, or skyping with? What websites are they visiting? Let us recover the emails, chat logs, voicemails, and internet history. Learn what your significant other is truly using his/her cellphone for.


Are the backbone of every successful company, but do you have a weak link in the chain? Let us discover the problem now before it becomes an issue for you or your company. We offer group rates on all corporate mobile devices.

Cell phone forensic experts specialize in the forensic retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a manner that preserves the evidence under forensically acceptable conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible.

For over 5 years, Lighthouse Forensics has been a leader in the field of computer forensics. A cell phone forensic investigation includes possible full data retrieval dependent upon the cell phone or PDA model. The cell phone and PDA forensic engineers at Lighthouse Forensics will conduct a thorough examination of the data found on the cell phone’s SIM/USIM, the cell phone body itself, and any optional memory cards. Even after the data is deleted.

Lighthouse Forensics cell/mobile phone, PDA, and computer investigations are discreet, controlled, thorough and fully documented. Our professional staff is both certified and highly-experienced in their respective forensic disciplines. Forensic cell phone audits by Lighthouse Forensics professionals yield superior results as our techniques and procedures far exceed those used in routine data recovery investigations. Our forensic examinations will document the evidence that the client needs and the respective circumstance requires. For all your cell phone forensic investigative needs, Lighthouse Forensics is the company to call.

Data That May Be Retrieved:

   Calls & times dialed
   Calls received & durations
   Text/SMS message recovery
   Contact names & phone numbers
   Address book & Residential addresses
   Email addresses
   Photos & graphics

Why and when to call Lighthouse Forensics

  • Parents should contact us if they suspect that their child is misusing the device or being harassed by someone contacting or photographing them without their consent. Lighthouse Forensics will discreetly investigate and, if necessary, assist law enforcement by providing court-admissible data to corroborate legal claims.
  • Lighthouse Forensics can perform mobile phone forensics if an individual suspects his or her spouse or significant other of cheating. Data such as placed & received calls and phone call times, text messages, photos and other incriminating evidence can be retrieved from the suspected cell phone or mobile device.
  • Companies and corporations should contact us to perform cell phone forensics if they suspect espionage by a competitor or disgruntled employee.
  • Business owners who distribute cell phones to their executives and sales staff may contact us to perform cell phone forensics to determine if these devices are being inappropriately used to view and/or download porn, or defying restricted Internet usage company policies.
  • Individuals may contact Lighthouse Forensics if they suspect they have been the victim of e-stalking, the subject of inappropriate and non-consensual digital photography and other forms of digital harassment.

Law enforcement officials and legal firms realize the importance of evidence contained on cell phones and other mobile devices, and how it can greatly affect the outcome of a trial. Whether working to document evidence of “white collar crime” or tasked by law enforcement to extract data for a criminal trial, the integrity of the firm selected for cell phone forensics is as important as the integrity of the data recovered. More and more court cases are being won with the proper submittal of electronic evidence, so it’s imperative that the cell phone forensic investigator understands the legal issues and imperatives surrounding electronic evidence gathering.

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