Fee Schedule:

Mirror, Forensics Exam and Recovery of Available Deleted Data

  • Laptop/Desktop Hard Drive/iPad/Tablet: $795
  • Cellular Device: $595


  • Onsite Mirror: $250
  • Mirror/Forensic Report Copies for Opposing Counsel: $250
  • Passcode Protection Bypass: $200
  • JTag/Chipping (Attempted data recovery from non-functioning device): $250

Law enforcement officials and legal firms realize the importance of evidence contained on cell phones and other mobile devices, and how it can greatly affect the outcome of a trial. Whether working to document evidence of “white collar crime” or tasked by law enforcement to extract data for a criminal trial, the integrity of the firm selected for cell phone forensics is as important as the integrity of the data recovered. More and more court cases are being won with the proper submittal of electronic evidence, so it’s imperative that the cell phone forensic investigator understands the legal issues and imperatives surrounding electronic evidence gathering.

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